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DRAB to FABulous is a celebration of the fun and adventure of crossdressing, being OUT enfemme among the general population with experienced members from The Grand Illusions Group. It is not seminars, vendors, or cast in stone schedules. It is not isolated from the real world in a group of CDers. It is as close to the real thing as we can make it. OUT, enfemme, right in the general population. Just like a bunch of real gals on a girls weekend in Grand Rapids.

Because we are OUT enfemme in the general public, you MUST be able to "blend". Blend is NOT about beautiful. It is about your presentation. For more on what "blend" means, please see the FAQ at the bottom. If in doubt, message us at the email address below.

We tailor each day's afternoon activities to the needs and bucket list of the gals attending, yet following the schedule for the evening's planned activities. We vary the planned activities to fit the desires of the gals and the weather. So say something we are going to do on Thursday would be better on Friday because of the weather, we swap the dates. So by the end of for days you will have shopped, had a makeup session if you desire, lunched, danced, tried on clothes at a store, been part of a bachelorette party, dined in restaurants, had lunch at a women's club, had a pedicure if you desire, walked through a mall, danced in a ball gown if you desire, walked through a park (weather dependent), had a manicure (if you desire), and experienced life like a group of women on a gals weekend away

DRAB to FABulous is not expensive, even the meals are very modest. Actually everything is quite modest in price. It is intended to be FUN and affordable.

Our primary goal is to take those who can blend OUT in the company of experienced girls doing things you may otherwise have never experienced. Things like a bachelorette party, a day at a spa, a formal dance, bar hopping in ball gowns, trying on clothes while enfemme. Mostly OUT enfemme amoung and in the general population.

Everything we do would be something you could do with your SO, and your SO is welcome to attend!

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