Grand Rapids Crossdresser Social Group The Grand Illusions
Grand Rapids Crossdresser Social GroupThe Grand Illusions

The Grand Illusions is an OUT Group.  Enfemme among the general population with experienced members from The Grand Illusions Group. It is not isolated from the real world.  It is as close to the real thing as we can make it. OUT, enfemme, right in the general population. Just like a bunch of real gals in Grand Rapids.

Because we are OUT enfemme in the general public, you MUST be able to "blend". Blend is NOT about beautiful. It is about your presentation. For more on what "blend" means, please see the FAQ at the bottom. If in doubt, message us at the email address below.

We tailor each OUTing to the needs and bucket list of the gals attending.  We vary the planned activities to fit the desires of the gals and the weather. We shop, lunch, dance, try on clothes at a store, been part of a bachelorette party, dine in restaurants, walk through a mall, walk through a park (weather dependent), and experience life like a group of women.

OUT enfemme amoung and in the general population.

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